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How to use qq music outside China

Music instrument

It is hard accessing the music when in China and when you are outside China it’s not different also. For those people that love the QQ music, you will find that they function well when in China but when outside they are a total mess though no need to worry because they are steps that will guide you so that to listen to the QQ music whenever you might be. The music is something that anyone can use when they feel like they are missing home because in one-way music will make someone feel like they are home.

Download QQ music


Or those people that don’t have the QQ music on their phone already this is the first thing that you should do is download the music. If you are using any Android phone, then it’s so easy because the only thing that you have to do is go to the play store and download the music that you want. But if you are one of the people that are using the windows phone then it can be complicated because you will have to open the y.qq.com. Once it’s open then you will see a place that is written in Chinese then you can click on that and choose windows as the operating system then it will be easy to download.

Set up QQ account

If you already have the QQ music, then you can skip the first step to this step. You will need to sign up the QQ music account so that it will be possible to listen to the music. The account is to be set on the website y.qq.com you can change the language so that it can be easy to set the account. Ensure that you follow all the instructions that will be provided on the page and instead of using the Gmail account you can use the QQ account.

Search QQ music


Once you are done with the first steps, then you can relax because the hard part is done. You cannot open the page and search the QQ music that you would like. A little search box is a place that you can get all the favorite music that you like. Once you get the music, you will see an option of downloading or listening it will be all upon you to decide what you want. It will be possible now to listen to the QQ music whenever you might be.



Managed Network Security Services

gadgetToday even in the world of business organizations, things are going the technical way. They are handled and operated with high technology devices and by using the internet, security has become an important part of it. Nowadays, the internet connection has become part and parcel of the business operations, and without it, the company cannot operate effectively. With the internet connections, your company is presented to the outside world, and your business starts to grow a great deal and in many aspects.

If your company is connected to the internet, then there is the need for you have managed network security services to deal with the huge virus expansion in computers, spyware, and all the other inappropriate materials. You must have information security within your enterprise if you want prosperity and more so if you use the internet, then you need to manage your systems by ensuring that they are so secure.

Managed network security services explained

Stop all the different kinds of threats

With the introduction of the internet, there are both advantages and risks that have come with it, such as a virus, hackers, unethical use of the business website by the internal workers in the company and even theft. When you discover that, you as the owner or the manager must come up with ideas to safeguard the company’s data and ensure information security. Some of the small businesses do not have technological know-how should take the help of the IT support from the company near them so that they get help on how to manage their internet services.

Adoption of the outsourcing process

Managed internet security process is growing at a fast rate due to an expansion of outsourcing process. This process is easily affordable and provides services of high quality to your business. There are various ways to which a company’s computer security mechanism can be outsourced. You should ensure to do regular scanning of the internet applications. The security services provider to provide the scanning services automatically. This can also be done by a skilled person because the whole process is not only done by automated devices. When network vulnerability checks are done at regular intervals, they can save your network from hacking and also from mischievous users.outsourcing process

Have antivirus programs in your computer

By having antivirus programs on your computer, you are protecting it and making it safe for use. Antivirus software is an important way of ensuring that your devices managed network security services. When you have an antivirus program, your computer is safe from attacks. There might be vulnerabilities in your program through which the hacker can enter the network, but if you have a firewall that is installed into the network, you can be assured of safety. The firewall is found on the internet and the computer. When it is working, it does the function of filtering all the information entering in and out of the network. This ensures that all the information …