Strategies and the appropriate use of metal detectors

Man on the beach holding a metal detector

Metal detectors have plenty of surprises; hence it can become an endless exciting happy provided that the places to go for search valuable are available. However, you can never enjoy having this metal detector beside you if you have no idea about its uses particularly the signal it discharges whenever it detects metal.
The better use of metal detector only depends on the efficiency of the metal detector senses metal and gives out a signal that is reasonable towards your attention.

Have in mind that every type of metal produces a different signal, hence each time a metal detector detects metal, it draw out sounding beep possibly differ from others. On the other hand, continuous beeping indicates that the metal detector senses numerous things that contain metal constituent. Therefore, only if you want to discover specific things that the metal detector must detect, you need to follow the following advice so that quickly you can recognize a detector beeps.

Put on a headset

When using a metal detector, you can never receive the highest sound amplification without a headset. So wearing the headset can offer you an advantage of paying attention to different perfect amplification.

metal detectors

First Practice with common objects

Identifying the beeps, clicks, and a sound of the metal detector considered as the best metal detectors significant metal detecting aspects, thus if you have to familiarize yourself, exercise with different metals and their beeps as well. You can practice with objects such as rusted nails, bottle tops, silver chain, bracelets, gold ring, and or any other thing you wish to try to differentiate the beeps.

Recognize beeps differences

It is important to note that different metals differ with the beeps. Therefore if want attempts the metal detector on a gold ring, gold bracelets, and gold coins, the metal detector will produce the same sound.

Using method X

Your metal detector could become confused if the overlapping objects encountered; hence the inconsistent sound will be emitted. To have a surety, apply the X strategy by labeling an X upon the entire area are beeps and shift the detector toward X side. Label each side where the beeping is intense until the sound becomes exact and concentrated. Now you can dig into that area.

Allocate the productive region twice at an angle of 90 degree

metal detectorsWhere there is greatest metal intensity potential is what referred as Productive area. By looking for valuable metal objects so that whenever the metal detector beeps, explore that area two times at 90 degrees from every other to have a surety that the entire area covered completely.


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